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Great achievements are always preceded by great thought”. Steve Jobs.


Hola! I am Gwendoline, the creator of GH Studios, a platform specializing in communication strategy, web, SEO and social media management.
Inspired by your projects and needs, Studios GH have been created to provide you with the keys to the success of your business. In the services offered, you will find freshness and spontaneity, to offer you a quality work with a new look.

Because each project is different, and because your needs are unique, I have chosen to offer you benefits that can be tailor-made. Need a strategy? Personalized support? Total management? I’m here, no matter what you need. My role is to support you and lead you to the success of your goals. GH Studios is based on sharing, we work together to make your project yours and reflect who you are.

With my years of experience, I have surrounded myself with a network of professionals with each one a high-performance know-how in their respective fields: Graphics, web design, web developer, photography, etc. You will find each of these skills in Studios GH. My goal is to provide you with everything you need to meet your goals.

A professionals network :


Gwendoline, Studios GH CEO


Adele, photographer – content creator


Laetitia, webdesigner


Lauane, graphic designer


Steven, web developer

We will each listen to your needs. Contact me so that we can see your project together.