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You are about to finalize your website or you already have it in your hands. You wonder if you should reference it and why ? SEO and SEA are key elements to the good development of your project on the web. Here are a few reasons :

  • Generate targeted and qualified traffic through the use of keywords;
  • Have a digital existence;
  • Gain visibility and be known to search engines like Google;
  • Improve and increase its visibility;
  • Stand out from the competition that offers the same services/products;
  • Work on your e-reputation.

To answer this, there are two possible SEO techniques :

  • The SEO “Search Engine Optimization” is a so-called “natural” referencing technique. Using various techniques, we will optimize your website. The SEO is based on three pillars: technology, content and popularity.
  • The SEA “Search Engine Advertising” focuses on what is called “paid” referencing. This concerns advertising on a search engine, such as Google Ads.

Each has its own importance, but according to the desired objective they are not used in the same way.


For an optimum natural SEO, I work with you on each of the following steps:

  • Content strategy that includes: an analysis phase, defining your targets and objectives, creating a sales tunnel, establishing a results measurement system, and an editorial schedule.

This strategy can also be established during the creation of your site.

  • I then work on improving your web writing with the use of keywords that I determine after a thorough search.
  • I optimize every page of the site, every text, every media.
  • I work with various optimization techniques such as Netlinking.
  • Finally, I program measurement tools to measure the results of all this work over several months.

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Monthly maintenance is recommended. Since the web is a constantly evolving sector, the performance of its site must be constantly optimized. The behavior of Internet users, the algorithms of Google, the novelties on the web, are as many factors as there are possibilities of evolution to carry out on your site. I can offer you monthly maintenance over a set time together.


For SEA, I’m also based on a strategy. We need your objectives and targets to be defined. Based on what, I define an advertising campaign that will be scalable based on its impact. I use tools to measure his performance and a management schedule.

This SEO service applies to entrepreneurs and companies with a website. A platform that requires a boost to increase its visibility on the web, to place itself in the first internet searches of its customers or to increase its sales. Whether you are a self-contractor or a company manager, SEO and SEA are key practices to ensure your visibility and e-reputation.