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Community management


Community management or the management of a community on social networks is a real organization. First, because there are several networks and they do not work the same. Second, because creating attractive content takes a long time.

At Studios GH, I accompany you according to your needs. Whether it is because of lack of knowledge or simply because of lack of time, I am studying your project and I am proposing a Social Media strategy :

  • Definition of your objectives and your target;
  • Have a permanently updated knowledge of the web with a complete analysis;
  • A selection of content and media choices;
  • An Editorial Strategy : The Guiding Thread of Writing and Creation;
  • An action plan defined over a chosen time;
  • A measure of results.

This service is aimed at independents and companies who do not have the time to manage their social networks, but whose use is essential to the development of their project. This also applies to people who need guidance on the strategy to be adopted according to their objectives, but who want to manage their own social networks. Lack of ideas, loss of followers, overwhelmed by everything there is to manage? This service is made for you !

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