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It is not easy to launch your business project, develop it and keep it afloat. Communication takes action at each of these stages in different forms: internally, externally, on the web, in events, and many others.

With Studios GH, I work in each of the areas listed above, and in particular with a well-defined strategy :

  • Audit : Internally, externally or on the web, I analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your project. With an outside look, I propose methods of improvement.
  • Strategy : Based on your objectives, I define a clear strategy and guide you on possible actions. We then establish together a budget and a schedule over a defined period of time.
  • Actions : I can accompany you on the proposals I make to you, or you can also decide to lead them alone. In case I accompany you, we will detail each of the proposed actions together so that you can validate them. In order for you to follow closely the evolution of the work, and to ensure the performance of the strategy, I establish a common schedule.
  • Measure : For your project, I first analyzed, then I created a strategy, and finally I realized and implemented the actions. The final step is the final evaluation of this whole strategy to see together what worked. Depending on the results, we can then continue on the same strategy or work on a new one. It depends on your objectives and the measurement of results.

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This service is applied to the entrepreneurs and companies looking for a guideline to follow. To those who launch their project and who need a boost. But also, to people who need to be accompanied in their communication efforts of their company.

If you think you need my help, contact me to explain your project or your company.