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In Studios GH, your need and goals are a priority. Concerned about the success of your project, we will study all possibilities together to ensure that your support corresponds to your project. This is why I offer support and also a coaching service in which, according to your needs, I can train and guide you in your project.

I propose two possibilities of accompaniment :

  • Or a monthly accompaniment : the monthly accompaniment allows you to take advantage of the services below at attractive prices. By outsourcing your communication and your web sphere, save you while benefiting from professional skills.
  • Either on a one-off basis : I also intervene on a one-off mission when you need specific expertise based on a specific objective.
  • Monthly support AND punctual : You can also benefit from monthly support and ask that I intervene occasionally on other missions.

This service is recommended for entrepreneurs and companies that require communication and web support in the development of their project. You can therefore choose that each of the services are totally managed by the Studios GH and thus gain in quality of work and time. Or you may prefer to be accompanied and the Studios GH then guide you in your approach. Let’s make an appointment to talk about it together.

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