GH Studio


At Studios GH, my goal is to provide you with as many services as possible. The success of your project depends, among other things, on the development of your communication. This is why you will find below the essentials of communication, namely: strategy, web and social networks.


I offer two types of services: monthly support and/or punctual support.

  • Monthly accompaniment : the monthly accompaniment allows you to take advantage of the services below at fair prices. By outsourcing your communication and your web sphere, save you while benefiting from professional skills.
  • Punctual support : I also intervene on a one-off mission when you need specific expertise based on a specific objective.
  • Monthly support AND punctual : You can also benefit from monthly support and ask that I intervene occasionally on other missions.

Audit, strategy, communication plan are all important elements for the development of your company. I define them with you based on what you want.


Website creation, writing and web strategy are three key steps in launching your company’s website. Steps that must be clearly defined and optimized to ensure the performance of your web platform.

The creation of content and the management of the community on social networks are two key elements in the community manager business. There are many key points essential to the evolution of his business on social networks that I developed at Studios GH.


To have your website is to own your place on the web. But once in our hands, what do we do? Why reference it? You can have the most beautiful and attractive site, if it is not visible on the web, let’s be honest this has no interest. Referencing it in a natural and paid way are key steps.

In communication and web, I accompany you for each of the services offered at Studios GH. Personalized follow-up that meets your needs and desires according to your budget and over a set time.

Studios GH is also a platform through which you can benefit from free and paid training and workshops in the fields of communication and the web. In webinar or live, these workshops tend to provide you with informations and keys to advance your communication.