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My first words about Studios GH

Hola a todos !

It is a very first article that appears on the blog of Studios GH. What could be better than starting it by telling you a little bit about me, who I am, and what I do.

I am Gwendoline, a woman like all others, who builds her life according to her desires and ambitions. I avoid asking too many questions. When I have a project, I think so, I create it and I launch it. Although sometimes it would deserve that I might be more patient 😉. I try to be insightful and objective, but my creativity and spontaneity often take over.

I play sports, and I’ve always played. It helps me focus on my goals. I also cook. Everything about well-being and health has always fascinated me. “A healthy mind, in a healthy body”, I’m a fan of that sentence ! I also like to escape, go out with my friends, enjoy as much as possible little things from everyday life.


I am what we call “mompreneur”. A hard-working mom in other words. I like that idea. I didn’t want to choose between my career and my family life. I wanted both, and I think it’s all about choice. When I chose both, I knew the key would be the organization. Yes ladies and gentlemen, anything is possible, just want it 😊.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved the writing. Sharing a story, transmitting emotions, stirsing up feelings, was obvious. So it was naturally my idea to create the blog of Studios GH.

What is my role at Studios GH? What do I do?

In four words: I am in communication. I studied in this sector, and it was like a revelation! Communicating, transmitting, exchanging, sharing was keywords for me. Through events, strategy, the web, social networks, whatever channel I chose, I knew that communication would be my niche.

After several internships in agencies, skills gained and experience in hand, I wanted to work for me. Why? First, because I wanted to live entrepreneurship, to know the management of my society, to taste this freedom (and its constraints too). And then, because I wanted to share my experience and skills with others. When I say “others”, I am thinking in particular of young entrepreneurs and comapnies who want to develop their business projects. Bringing other people keys to their success is a real motivation for me.

I created Studios GH. «Studios», because it is dynamic and innovative. «GH», for my initials (Gwendoline Herbert). I offer quality services to which I am sure I can provide solutions for everyone’s project. Performance is a key element in my work, so I chose services in which I am competent: internal & external communication strategy, web, SEO & SEA, and community management. I also propose “workshops”. They are aimed at those who would like to learn the fundamentals in each of the themes I propose. In the near future, I am hosting a short webinar session on : SEO, the basics of SEO.

In order to ensure that I meet the needs of everyone, I have surrounded myself with a network of professionals with whom I work. To all of us, we gather the skills necessary for the development of each one’s business.
Studios GH is a bit of me and a lot of you, ambitious entrepreneurs, who are looking for the best for your business development.
In this blog, you will regularly find articles about communication & the web seen by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs !

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